Algebra, geometry, and combinatorics of subspace packings

Last week, the SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry hosted a session on “Algebra, geometry, and combinatorics of subspace packings,” organized by Emily King and myself. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend, but thankfully, most of the speakers gave me permission to post their slides on my blog. Here’s the lineup:

Emily KingAlgebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics of Subspace Packings

Romanos MalikiosisGroup frames, full spark, and other topics

John Jasper Equiangular tight frames from nonabelian groups

Gene KoppSIC-POVM existence and the Stark conjectures

Matt FickusEquiangular Tight Frames from Group Divisible Designs

Mark MagsinoA Delsarte-Style Proof of the Bukh–Cox Bound

Joey Iverson Doubly transitive lines: Symmetry implies optimality

Gary GreavesEquiangular lines in \mathbb{R}^{17} and the characteristic polynomial of a Seidel matrix

Fabricio Machadok-point semidefinite programming bounds for equiangular lines

Marcin PawlowskiUsing quantum information techniques to find the number of mutually unbiased bases in any given dimension

Frederic MatterDetection of Ambiguities in Linear Arrays in Signal Processing

Clayton ShonkwilerSymplectic Geometry and Frame Theory

Tom NeedhamSymplectic Geometry, Optimization and Applications to Frame Theory

Hans Parshall The optimal packing of eight points in \mathbb{RP}^2

Bill Martin — Spherical configurations with few angles

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