Recent Advances in Packing

Last week, I co-organized (with Joey Iverson and John Jasper) a special session on “Recent Advances in Packing” for the AMS Spring Central Sectional Meeting at the Ohio State University. All told, our session had 13 talks that covered various aspects of packing, such as sphere packing, packing points in projective space, applications to quantum physics, and connections with combinatorics. It was a great time! And after the talks, we learned how to throw axes!

What follows is the list of speakers and links to their slides. (I anticipate referencing these slides quite a bit in the near future.) Thanks to all who participated!

Henry CohnWhy are packing problems much easier in some cases than others?

Oleg R. MusinDensest sphere packing in four dimensions

Kasso OkoudjouNew results in minimizing the p-frame potentials

Wei-Hsuan YuNew bounds for equiangular lines and spherical two-distance sets

Mark MagsinoConstructing Tight Gabor Frames Using CAZAC Sequences

Steven T. FlammiaZauner’s Conjecture and Algebraic Number Theory

Marcus ApplebyA number-theoretic technique for constructing exact sets of complex equiangular lines

Blake C. StaceySymmetric Informationally Complete quantum measurements: Where sphere packing meets quantum information

Desai ChengThe solution to the frame Quantum Detection Problem

Matthew FickusEquiangular tight frames and combinatorial designs

Hanmeng ZhanGraph covers and equiangular frames

James P. SolazzoComplex Two-Graphs

John I. HaasOptimally packed fusion frames via symmetric and quasi-symmetric block designs

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